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Woodrow Wilson


"You cannot become thorough Americans if you think of yourselves in groups. America does not consist of groups. A man who thinks of himself as belonging to a particular national group in America has not yet become an American."

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Attribution: Speech, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Date: May 10, 1915

Thomas Woodrow Wilson

28th President of the United States (1913–21), Born in Staunton, VA. Wilson graduated from Princeton in 1879 and studied law at the University of Virginia. He attended Johns Hopkins to study political science and jurisprudence. In 1885, he published Congressional Government, a significant work. After receiving his Ph.D. degree, he taught at Bryn Mawr and Wesleyan University. In 1902 he was elected president of Princeton University where he worked to raise academic standards and change the social and living facilities by eliminating the elite eating clubs for upperclassmen and introducing the quadrangle system, where students from all of the classes would live and eat together, In 1910 he ran for governor of New Jersey shortly after resigning from Princeton and won. Wilson's work as governor brought him national attention, he defeated William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt in the 1912 presidential election. During his two terms as president Wilson revived the custom of addressing the congress in person, instituted the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Trade Commission and pushed through the La Follette Seamen’s Act, the Adamson Act, and the Federal Farm Loan Act. During his terms the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Amendments were passed. After trying hard to keep America out of WWI, Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany. At the end of the war, Wilson, as part of his Fourteen Points, was the chief figure in the establishment of the League of Nations at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919.



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